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Idli & Sambar

Idli is a name given to steamed cakes which are prepared by grinding urad dal and rice cream. Urad dal/black lentil are earthy flavourved, nutritious and mucilaginous textured dal having its origin in India. Cream of rice/rice soji/rice suji/idli ravva is more commonly used to make fine and smooth idlis in South Asia. In other south Indian states parboiled rice is used to make idlis. Present day idlis are transformed into more easy and simple procedure than the older history of making idlis. In olden days idlis were made by soaking black lentils in buttermilk and then ground to fine paste by adding clear water of curds. As per records addition of rice or rice cream is unknown till 17th century.. It is eaten with sambhar or chutney. South Indian dishes are liked not only throughout India but also the world over.